Preliminary Pageant Information

Little Miss Wyoming stages many preliminary pageants each year ending with the State Finals in June. A representative at each preliminary, in each age division will be crowned.

Each preliminary pageant will have a rehearsal time where each contestant will be shown how to model. Contestants follow a modeling pattern of marked "Xs" on the stage, and do a full turn at the front center X. The emcee will read the contestant's biography from the entry form while the contestant is modeling onstage.

•0-2 Tiny Miss Wyoming TM
•3-4 Tot Miss Wyoming TM
•5-6 Petite Miss Wyoming TM
•7-9 Little Miss Wyoming TM
•10-12 Preteen Miss Wyoming TM
•13-15 Teen Miss Wyoming TM



 Includes ALL required and optional competitions!  No charge for audience members to watch!  All contestants receive a banner!



•Party Dress

GIRLS 3-15
•Party Dress

•Personality (Onstage Question)



GIRLS 3-15

Subject to change without notice.   Number of titles awarded depends on the number of contestants entered in each pageant.

•Official Crown
•Official Banner
•$100.00 Entry Fee paid to the state finals

•Official Crown
•Official Banner
•$100.00 Entry Fee paid to the state finals

•$100.00 Entry Fee paid to the state finals

•$100.00 Entry Fee paid to the state finals

•$100.00 Entry Fee paid to the state finals


FINALISTS: (All contestants receive a banner.)

•Email us at
•Call Teri Mahaffy, President, at (307) 752-7956



Click on the state pageant page and scroll down to see preliminary pageant photos, names, and titles of preliminary pageant winners who will be proudly representing their hometown at the state finals!

 Individual titleholders photos will appear after they mail in their state entry fee, state deposit, and state "Intent to Compete Form."

All contestants MUST live in Wyoming.


Party Dress Ages 0-2- no rule.  Ages 3-12- Dress cannot be longer than tea length and is recommended to be somewhere between 2" above the knee to 2" below the knee in length.  Ages 13-15- full length evening gown.

Interview Wear your casualwear outfit for prelims and a Sunday dress for state.

Casual wear This should be a fun, bright, happy pant set, short set, capri set, or sporty dress of your choice.  It should be a real outfit that you would wear to school, church, or a special party.

Personality This should be your casualwear outfit at a prelim and a fun, bright, and happy outfit at state.

Makeup, if used, must be age appropriate and is up to the discretion of the judges.

-Natural Kids:  No fake hair, fake teeth (flippers), fake eye lashes, fake tanning, no costume clothing, except in talent.  We expect natural children.  We are NOT looking for the person who spent the most money.  We fully expect children to look and act their age.  We expect some babies to be crying, some to be sleeping, etc.  We are not looking for a perfect little Barbie doll.  We want kids to love themselves just how they are and how they look.  Braces...fine, broken arms...fine, wheelchairs....fine, etc.  Please teach your child to be herself and that she is perfect just the way she is.  Artificial nails on teens is fine.  Glitter is not natural.

Dressing room will be provided at preliminaries, and MUST be used by all contestants so that we can find you for line-up.

Line up Contestants are responsible for being lined up on time for each event.

 •Talent must be 2:30 min. or less. No fire, knives, swords, live animals, or excessive props. No fog or use of any video or audio equipment.  No slide shows.  You must use our cd player.

Photos submitted for the photogenic competition must be within 1 year of the pageant date. Photos may be black & white or color. Preliminary photogenic photos may be any size 8x10 or smaller. State photogenic photos must be 8x10 in size.

Your division Contestants must compete in the appropriate age division for her age on the date of each pageant. A 13-15 year old contestant who has turned 16 by the opening of the state finals will be allowed to compete even though she is 16 as long as she has qualified through a preliminary at 15.


1. ENTRY FORM Print the entry form below or fill one out at registration.

2. FEES We accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks, paypal, and all major credit cards.  Personal checks are not accepted.

If paying by paypal, please pay at  to our email address at  and send a 4% paypal fee if you are not sending as a personal payment owed (which reverses or deletes the paypal fees.)

Credit card payments can be taken by phone, by or in person at registration.  By phone call Teri at (307) 752-7956.

3.  ENTER by mail, by email, over the phone, or at the door.

4.  BRING your party dress, casualwear outfit, a photo 8x10 or smaller, talent needs if entering  talent, entry form, and fees.


1.  ENTRY FEE:   $100.00  (Preliminary Titleholders, State Qualifiers, and Honor Roll Members will have this waived).


2.  PRIMARY FEE:  $295 (0-2 age division)

                                   $395 (3-15 age divisions)

Receive a $100.00 Discount on your primary fee if you mail your entire Primary Fee, Entry fee certificate, and Intent to Compete Form within 10 days of your preliminary pageant. (Honor Roll must be postmarked on or before January 1, 2014) This makes the primary fee $195.00 for 0-2, and $295.00 for 3-15.  You will need to make a commitment as this fee is absolutely non-refundable.   No exceptions to the 10 day rule.  It must be postmarked on or before the 10th day to receive this discount. 

3.  INTENT TO COMPETE FORM (click here)


4.  STATE ENTRY PACKET (This can be printed from the state pageant page.  It will be loaded asap.)

2013-2014 pageant season entry form coming soon.

Click the paypal icon to pay your pageant fees today!  You can also go to and pay any amount to our email address at  

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